March 24th, 2005

Illustmaker me


So, there's a corkboard at work advertising "Staff Training Opportunities." "Staff Training" is horizontally oriented at the top. "Opportunities" is vertical down the side.

Going down the side is the word, "Stopportunities."

It makes me giggle.

Anyway, they did an entire revote on AI because of a misprint on the screen. I suppose it's fair, but it seems that it was the last two numbers that were messed up on three people and, um... Maybe I'm a bit cynical, but are there really that many viewers out there who haven't figured out the numbering system? 1-866-IDOLS (two-digit number in order of performance). I mean, are people really relying on that? Wouldn't they just be, you know, counting, and if they notice that the ninth performer has an "01" for his digits, wouldn't they say, "Oh, oops, typo. Obviously he's '09'"?

Or were the lines actually down on 09 through 11?

Sigh. I rarely actually vote anyway.