March 30th, 2005

Illustmaker me

(Lack of) Adventures in the Jury Pool Room, HBP cover, AI

Well, I wasn't impaneled. Sigh. After--no kidding--six hours of sitting in the jury pool room doing nothing. The commute was long, but not as much of a pain as I was expecting--a couple of buses and a train. Maybe an intersteller jump or two. And the neighborhood wasn't any place I'd been, so I walked around at lunch--we were released for an hour--and saw new places. Ended up at the library, of course, because, hey, I'm me, but I did get to see a few blocks of Dorchester that I otherwise wouldn't have.

I didn't do any writing. On the plus side, I re-read Frankenstein in its entirety. (The real one, not the Dean Koontz version. It's interesting how many of the added things seem to have become part of the mythos without actually being in the book--eg, the notion that he was made of criminal body parts. There's no indication of what people the monster was built from. I think the reason I like this novel is that I like both of the antagonists--and dislike them both--in equal measure. The weakness in the Koontz novel is that Victor is no longer himself, though since the issue is brought up, I have hope that it will be addressed.)

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Was satisfied with the result of AI, though momentarily nervous about who ended up in the bottom two. I think that's vague enough not to be considered a spoiler.