April 2nd, 2005

Illustmaker me

Infomercials, depression

Okay. I got up today, popped in an exercise tape (I never finish it, but fifteen minutes instead of half an hour is better than zero minutes instead of fifteen, right?), and when I stopped the tape, the cable was still on the Sci Fi channel from BSG last night. Only, in the morning, it's infomercials. The first, which was on when I put the tape in, was a program called Body Makeover, which promised that if you drew your ideal shape on a photograph of your current shape, you could be given a program to get "exactly the body YOU want!!!" When I turned the tape off, it was Body By Jake's AbScissor, which will let you lose a dress or pants size each week, if you just spend four minutes a day exercising. "It will return your self-esteem!" the narrator announces.

Yeah. Because nothing says "self-esteem" more clearly than realizing that you're so depressed that you've been duped by an infomercial.

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