April 5th, 2005

Illustmaker me

TV Meme

Well, I'm bored and have nothing major to say, so...

From everyone, everywhere.

1) Post a list of 10 TV fandoms/shows you follow (current or cancelled!)
2) Have your friends list guess your favorite CHARACTER from each show.
3) When guessed, bold the line and write a sentence about why you like that character.
4) Post in your own livejournal.

Now, let's see if I can think of ten TV shows I like.

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer--Oz Guessed by ladyaeryn.
BtVS is one of those rare shows where I like all of the principals pretty much equally. Giles is definitely super-librarian; Buffy is devoted to her responsibility; Willow is a cool geek; Xander is neat. Heck, I even like Cordelia. But I give Oz props because I was dead set against him. I loved Xander/Willow and was set to dislike whoever it was that re-directed Willow's attention. But Oz just won me over. He looked into a room crowded with people in skimpy tropical costumes and said, "Wow, that Eskimo is cute!" He's totally open about what he's feeling without ever slipping into sentimentality. And I love his sense of humor (the Joan of Arc/God costume joke is just great).

2. Quantum Leap--Al Known perfectly well by izhilzha
It's weird; he's not really my type, character-wise. But I think it was M.I.A. that did it. There's something about someone who had all that potential, who lost everything he loved and still managed to make something of himself and had to have been brilliant in his own regard... not to mention heavily educated, which is no mean feat for someone who came from the wrong side of the tracks and had no support system.

3. Law and Order (original series)--Abby Carmichael Also known perfectly well, this time by sjepstein.
"I have an idea. No deals for anyone. Let's hang 'em all." Loved Abby from that moment on. Not to mention when Jack went out and got lunch, bringing himself barbeque and her a salad, and she's like, "Where's the real food...? I'll eat, you graze." Tough, full of common sense, impatient with bull... I like most of the lawyers--and a solid majority of the cops--on the show, but I absolutely adore Abby.

4. Battlestar Galactica (old)--Adama Guessed by sjepstein
I'm not wild about him on the new version, but old-version Adama suited me just fine. Wise, calm, dignified... stately. I loved the guy. I thought about pushing for Boxy, because he was my touchstone character (we were the same age at the time), but that would be kind of a stretch, since I can't remember much about him as a character, except that I thought I could be his adopted sister if I lived on Galactica.

5. Battlestar Galactica (new)

6. Angel--Wesley Guessed by butterflysteve.
Kind of the opposite of BtVS in that I don't actually have any great fondness for any of the characters. I don't dislike them, particularly, but there wasn't any person I thought, "Man, I need to tune in to catch..." about. Wesley interested me because I liked his personality, his arc from absurd young Watcher to rebel to hero. Just a nice arc.

7. Xena, Warrior Princess--Joxer Guessed, to my utter astonishment, by butterflysteve.
Yup. I mean it. I like Xena, am fond of Gabrielle, and dig Callisto, but Joxer rocks my socks. Here's a guy who's just not good at anything, but he believes in being a hero, and keeps trying, no matter how often he gets beaten down. I didn't watch the latter seasons--just lost interest somewhere around the Hope arc--and I was sorry to learn about his fate, but I really very much enjoyed him, and enjoyed the fact that the pricipals really did appreciate this about him.

8. Star Trek: The Next Generation--Picard Guessed by butterflysteve and vytresna
Kirk vs. Picard... is this really a contest? ;) I like Picard because from time to time in the course of the series he acts like a captain. His duties often include staying on the ship. I like that he has dignity and intelligence, and uses them to do his job. I like that he's not overemotional, and that he listens to his crew.

9. Fame

10. Saturday Night Live (meh; at least I can say I watch it regularly)--Tina Fey (fake news anchor persona) Guessed by harriet_wimsey.
Though I must admit, sjepstein is right that Wayne amuses me to no end. My other favorite, which I hoped someone would guess, is Stuart Smalley ("And that's okay..."). But I adore Tina Fey on the fake news. She's the only reason I'm still watching. Smart, snarky, and sharp. Couldn't like her better if I tried.