April 8th, 2005

Illustmaker me

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Ah, a little bit of time off ahead does wonders. Also doing stupid girly things like painting my fingernails and toenails, and crimping my hair with braids for a little body. I had to finally bite the bullet and get three inches of split ends chopped, but what's left is nice and healthy, and it's not short, just short of bra-strap length. Hopefully, it will grow back out quickly; it always does. But in the meantime, hey, no tangly straggly splits, and it's all shiny, so it's good.

Haven't quite got hold of Snape's voice for part 2 of "Dance By the Light..." I think I may have to do the structure in three mega-parts, of which the mini-parts I post are chapter-ish things. It's shaping up to be fairly complex and long. Which means, hey, it should occupy me until July 16, if I'm assiduous about it.

I'm trying to figure out how many serial numbers I have to file off a thing before I don't feel like I'm writing fanfic anymore. I got out an old, old SW AU--an AU written between Ep1 and Ep2, AU done on a speculation that didn't pan out, dealing with the aftermath of a slave rebellion on Tatooine and a very weirded out Order. (The title was "The True Order," and if I decide I can file enough of the GFFA off of it to make it an original story, I won't put it at HB; if I can't, I'll put it up. Old JCers may remember it. It involved Luke and Leia as slaves to Watto, and blind Kitster.) It's not a bad story. It has nearly nothing left to do with SW--the Jedi Order plays a huge role, but it's been changed beyond recognition. And of course, the characters are the characters... except that they've lived entirely different lives. The problem is, can I mentally make the disconnect?

(Oh, and the fact that I don't remember how it was supposed to end anymore. I never got past the rescue of the twins and a visit from ghost!Anakin.)


The idea's worth dusting off. The concept of toxic fallout from high idealism still interests me.