April 9th, 2005

Illustmaker me

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Anyone in need of cheering up, nothing beats a brand spanking new batch of Summary Executions, freshly from mctabby's quests, featuring Petunia the Squid, seductive Enchiladas, and Señor Draco! And I promise, it's better than it sounds...
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Illustmaker me

RotS dream

Okay, having read the novel, you don't think I'd be dreaming totally different plots for the thing. I will say that, while I might question a dramatic choice or two in the story, I was very relieved to wake up and remember that it had nothing whatsoever to do with magical fish that cause a time rip in the universe, making everything re-play itself over and over until they figure out the problem, and it doesn't end with animated smilies at the bottom of the screen. I hope this is not a spoiler for those speculating on the magical fish theory of Anakin's fall.

Actually, I will take the dream as a good sign. Just before AotC came out, I dreamed it, and it involved Anakin and Padmé hanging around in a subway station waiting for the train, on which the bad guy would be arriving.