April 11th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Various things

Chapter 28 of Shifts ("Big D") is up at SQ. I fixed Sirius not recognizing Joe, and I may have tweaked something else, but I sent it in a week ago and don't remember!!!

A note to people who stand in the aisles of the bus when there are seats available: This isn't being all athletic and self-sufficient, refusing to use seats because seats are for wimps, or leaving them for other people. You can, after all, get up if someone needs the seat. No, folks. This is blocking the aisle for no good reason. Just don't do it. If there are seats, please take one.

Also, bus riders, you can usually find a restaurant or something along the route that has a bathroom. I know it's radical and everything, but really, it would make bus rides much more pleasant for everyone if people made use of such facilities, rather than the wheel wells of the bus. Kthnxbai.

Got my taxes done this morning, because I'm a wimp and quail at the number 1040. But, hey, more than made up for the preparer's fee by getting more than I'd get for myself, and I'm going to buy a digital camera when the money comes. Anyone with advice on digital cameras?