April 15th, 2005

Illustmaker me

And another weird review!!!!

On Father's Heart again, no less.

That\'s an incredible -- and unfounded -- leap of logic. Perosnal income gains are soft, and therefore inflation exists? How about weak hiring in a post-bubble environment? Global labor arbitrage pressuring wages lower? Increased productivity creating slack in the labor market?

The last one (about sainthood procedures, f-locked, which I won't bother with here), I thought I might be able to tweak somehow to be about my erroneously "sainting" Vader, by allowing him to do a good deed or two in the midst of the rampaging and shutting down of all opposition. This one... What the...? I can't even think of a place where the story *might* have intersected with personal income or economic issues in general. I tried to e-mail the commentor, but as I expected, it bounced back. It's not even related to any odd comment that someone else has put there. TFN says they've gotten a few weird reviews like that... what kind of weird-ass trolling trend is that?