April 19th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Long walk, house lust, the end of the vacation

Ah, my impromptu vacation is over; back to work tomorrow. I'm pretty darned relaxed. I spent the vacation trying to make new habits, including keeping my living area clean and paying attention to what I'm eating and... oh, yes. Exercising more.

To the last end I've been taking walks. I only did really long ones (about five miles) twice, but I think I may make a practice of it. I firmly believe that one doesn't know a city unless one walks in it. (Unless it's L.A., of course, in which case walkers have the really, truly skewed perspective.)

So today, I took a long walk in a direction I hadn't been (vaguely southwest from where I live), and discovered a street with only intermittant sidewalks, road blasted through granite, and mansions, mansions, mansions. I am absolutely lusting after one of these that I passed. It's a renovated Tudor with all the amenities, huge plot of land, close to a good school, trees, what looked like a three-story room with floor-to-ceiling windows... and it's on sale.

Yes, folks, for a mere $3,799,000, I could have the exact house I've lusted after all my life, though I didn't know its address until this afternoon. I even love the neighborhood, though I'd definitely need to buy a car. G-d, it's a Tudor. I love Tudors. With trees. And, hey, only $3.8M. Pocket change, right?

Sniff. I just know someone else is going to snap it up before I can find that in the couch cushions, and who would ever give it up again? If I owned that place, I would hang onto it with my claws in, die there, and haunt it for all eternity.

Well, there's nothing wrong with my taste, I guess....
Illustmaker me

Gen drabble

hpgen100's challenge this week is the enigmatic Potter family. I started with a little one about very young James and his father visiting an apparently empty meadow in the Alps.

Nothing Else

BTW, I forgot to link my drabble from last week's challenge on the Black family, which is Regulus Black listening to his brother's Diatribes.