April 22nd, 2005

Illustmaker me

Fic: Limits

Well, a lot of people suggested things yesterday and I started the Remus's birthday fic, but it wasn't working out. But gehayi brought up a story that I've thought about on and off for awhile--what happened between Peter and Bellatrix after Peter thwarted her in The Doll Army? I had a pretty good idea, but because I was only thinking in terms of Peter and Bella, the truth is it was mainly straight violence--a more pornographic level of violence than I care to write or read, and I'm the chick who just raved about It and Lord of the Flies. I'd start thinking about it, realize that I really wasn't saying much, and stop. So I kind of turned it over casually when gehayi brought it up, almost set it aside again, and then one of those fun little wire-crosses happened in my head. Mixed it up with the story and character that has been impatiently tugging at my brain.

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