April 25th, 2005

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'Tween thirty and forty...

From the Boston Herald's "Idol Speculation," on Bo Bice:

Outlook: Final four for sure. But this humble good ol' boy might get squeezed out of the top two because his admirers won't be hitting redial as feverishly as Constantine's breathless tween fans.

A year ago April Fool's day, someone on an R/S site decided to put up an oh-so-funny fake R/T page, made to look like only junior high school girls in a giggle fit could possibly like R/T.

And of course, H/G is strictly for little kids, not HP for Grown-Ups.

Folks, I'm a Constantine fan (I like his attitude and also, he's the oldest person on Idol this year). I'm an R/T shipper. And I assume for structural reasons that we're headed for H/G.

In July, I get to switch to the next category on those annoying "check off your age range" things. No longer will I be 18-34. No, now I'll be 35-50.

What exactly am I "tween"?

This bugs me on a very basic level, not because it's an insult (though it is), but because it's a lousy argument. You want to argue with me about the structural and thematic cues dealing with Harry/Ginny? Fine. You want to challenge my understanding of Tonks? Also fine. You like Bo Bice better than Constantine Maroulis? Again, fine. In each case, I have actual reasons (though I admit, in the case of R/T, they're more instinctual than with the other two), but your criteria for judging may be different. I prefer Constantine to Bo because I think Constantine has shown more versatility. I don't have any emotional attachment to H/G, but came to the conclusion based on what seems a likely arc--if you can find a more plausible arc that addresses the thematic questions of the book (other than dead!Harry), be my guest. And Remus and Tonks just seem to always be shown together and to click on a personal level, so why not? We see him in more scenes with her than with Sirius in OotP, I think (no, I haven't counted). But again, no big.

Argue if you want to. But don't say, "Oo, I like Bo and if he gets voted off, it's because of those evil feverish tweens!!!!!"

(The article's prediction was a Vonzell Solomon win. I'm still holding out for a Bo-Constantine final...)
Illustmaker me

Moaning Myrtle

Well, I couldn't think of anything to write about (and heaven forbid I should spend a whole day not writing anything), so I took out the HP book I read longest ago (at this point, it's GoF, though I may re-read) and let it flop open to wherever it wanted to, to write about something that appeared on those facing pages.

As it happens, it opened to the middle of "The Egg and the Eye," where Harry is talking to Moaning Myrtle about merpeople. I can't think of a thing to say about merpeople or the prefects' bathroom, but I've thought on and off about Myrtle, so why not do a Myrtle post?

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