May 5th, 2005

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Redeeming Ciji

Oo, Hayden Christensen on the Tonight Show tomorrow. Yummy. I may actually watch an interview, because I am a dirty old woman. ;)

Anyway, I feel like writing something. I'm Potter-versed out for the moment--I have several things in progress and can't get anywhere--so I'm going to revert to my home fandom and write some Star Wars. I forget where it came from, but a week or so ago, someone mentioned rescuing the worst fanfic you ever wrote, an early effort or something. You were supposed to show the original, but I can't keep that rule, as the original was in spiral notebooks that have long since been lost. You can see pictures of it here as well as the only known surviving bit of text. But let me try to redeem Ciji Skywalker, Luke's way-tortured teenaged daughter, twenty years after RotJ. I'm going to role-play her when I visit my friends, so it's probably time to reacquaint myself anyway.

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