May 7th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Star Wars

Cool. Saw HC on Leno--he really doesn't interview well, or maybe it's just that I'm sick of hearing the same questions over and over. ("Is it cool to wear the Vader costume?" / "Well, duh.")

I'm getting disturbed with myself--I'm looking forward to RotS, but I'm not like, psyched. They showed a clip of the lava duel--a duel I've been waiting for since 1984 (not too patiently, either; I wrote it myself that year). And I'm like, "Hmmm. Good lighting." I read the novel, and I'm like, "Hmmm." And generally, "Hmmm," seems to be summing up my attitude. This is very troubling to me. Deep dread was bad, but at least engaged. Disinterest is a thousand times worse, because I'll regret not being part of the work-up for a long time. Sigh. Judging by the novel, with a couple of exceptions, both having to do with Padmé (one, sadly, an important moment at which I shouldn't be rolling my eyes), I'll like the film a lot. I like the people. I like Star Wars. I dig Vader (though I would have preferred to end it with the costume only half-finished, but that's mostly because I would have liked to see the middling stage; I think it would have looked neat). There's John Williams music happening. Hayden is SO pretty.

So why am I more or less pencilling in opening night?


I'll get with the program as soon as I'm in line, I'm sure.
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Illustmaker me

Girls can be aggressive? EGADS! NO! :rolleyes:

"The typical mantra is that boys are more aggressive than girls, but in the last decade we've learned that girls can be just as aggressive as boys, just in different ways."

Is anyone actually surprised with this?


Yes, I'm glad this has been noted (finally) after a few decades of "Women are nurturing and wonderful, not like those BIG E3IL MEN," but jeez... anyone who's ever lived through life as a girl could have filled in the blanks. Little girls can be cat mean, no offense to cats. There was a good line in Carrie (I kind of wonder if it was info contributed by Tabitha King) to the effect that boys tease and then forget until next time, but girls just keep it coming (at least with other girls).