May 9th, 2005

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I promise I'm going to take pictures around town, and naturally, it's been rainy all but one day. (During which I went to the Public Garden to snap the duckling statues, but I hadn't gone looking for them before, and it turns out they were in the one corner I wasn't looking in.)

I just looked at the forecast, and it's predicting more or less "more of same" at least until Thursday. Blah.

Nevertheless, just saying, I'm still on the task. Just waiting for nice weather.
Illustmaker me

Hey, my favorite!

Nicked from logansrogue

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And on the subject of martial goddesses (er, well, sort of), I was reading an article about women in combat and so on--the article was biased against--and while a single argument made sense, the rest didn't.

The argument that did make sense--and makes sense in terms of all physical jobs--is that women do not have the same physical strength as men, and there's a lot of gear to be carried and possible hand-to-hand. That I could postulate a fight between Angelina Jolie and Bob Newhart doesn't change the general trend, and I definitely believe that there needs to be an absolute standard for the physical training, not a relative one. The task, after all, is going to be the same and require the same skills and strength, no matter who is doing it, and I wouldn't want people out there who can't do it. If Ms. Jolie can pass the physical tests at the same level as a man, more power to her. But not every man can pass those tests, and I wouldn't want guys who can't do it out there, either. So the whole feminist issue of making the tests more suited to passing women just makes me roll my eyes. The job is the job.

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How much longer is Law and Order going to be interrupted by basketball games? I thought they were almost done, but it looks like there are just as many teams playing this week as last.


I don't mind sports as a concept and can sort of enjoy them if I tune in for them when they're scheduled, but all this pre-empting of things that I actually enjoy in their favor has always made me poorly disposed toward them. I used to like a lot of shows on Sunday nights when I was a kid (raise your hand if you remember Voyagers!), and it was always football that would still be on when I tuned in for them, and they'd inevitably get cut into bits for the sake of football, and I resented football above all other things because of it. Not the way to gain new fans. I mean, if you're going to buy the rights to something, why not allow for the time it takes in your schedule, rather than promising something else only to have people tune in when they think they're safe and be disappointed? (Of course, this doesn't apply to the current problem, as TNT has duly blocked out time for the endless basketball games, but jeez, how much longer are they going to go on? It seems like it's been a month already!)
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