May 14th, 2005

Illustmaker me

I do not drink... coffee

After revelling in the return of Law and Order for about five hours tonight, I just left the TV on, and it started playing a movie called Dracula 2000. A part of me feels that I should be outraged, but this thing is as much fun as the worst Suefics going. Because, er... it's a really, really hilariously bad Suefic. I've had a fit of giggles since Lucy offered Dracula coffee and he riffed the famous wine-line with, "I do not drink... coffee."

Because, you know, there's a longstanding connection between coffee and blood which the line is capitalizing on. Or maybe it's that it's after one in the morning. I don't know. But the thing has me giggling. It's immediately followed by a sex scene in which the lovers (Dracula and Lucy, of course), entwined in red silk sheets, are rolling around on the ceiling. His eyes turn red.

But that's not even in the Sue-errific part.

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Sigh. Oh, well. I keep waiting for really good Drac fanfic to hit the screen. There should be room for it; it's a good mythos. But in the meantime, I'll settle for amusing myself with this silliness.
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