May 18th, 2005

Illustmaker me


Why am I not sticking with my boycott of RotS reviews? Another good one, with all the same lovely pointless viciousness as the one cited earlier, with the gratuitous line added: "No sane person over the age of thirty have thought the last two movies didn't suck."


I'll be thirty-five in July. I'll admit to being a little eccentric, but I'm perfectly sane. And, not to toot my own horn, but reasonably bright as well. Good test scores, large body of work to attest to this. Oh, and my undergraduate major was comparative religion, with a focus on mythology, so I also have a better than average education about stories and how they function.

And TPM and AotC are my favorites of the series.

This is why I wasn't looking forward to this movie. The basher cadre and the vindictive press that latches onto them and quotes them without talking to the rest of us at all. They've entirely spoiled the fun, because I can't even read a good review of the movie without being insulted in a highly personal manner.

And you know what? I've been to see TPM and AotC months after their initial releases, to find myself in packed theaters full of people who are cheering at the appropriate moments and walking out with comments like, "Awesome!" and "I never thought I'd like Star Wars, but this was really good" and of course extended conversations about the moral issues. This can be heard on the FREAKING ESCALATOR AT THE THE THEATER. You don't need to make any special arrangements for it. And yet somehow or other, all of these thousands of people who bring in the cash that makes the movies so successful don't exist. Right, folks.

Oh, no. My mistake. We exist. We're just stupid and crazy and immature and therefore irrelevant. How is this determined? Well, because we understand what Lucas is doing and like the movies. Ergo, if you understand and like the movies, you're crazy and your opinion on the movies has no merit, so there's no reason to acknowledge you, and the statement that "no one likes these movies" is obviously true.

G-d, how I hate the press.
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Oh, by the way, did you all know that TPM, the number five all time box office hit (number nineteen, adjusted for inflation, here), "immediately flopped"? I actually just e-mailed a critic who came up with that one because, huh? What? Where does that come from? (Of course, I got the adjusted placement wrong, though I think I was looking at a different list. Still, top twenty all time, adjusted for inflation=not a flop.) I mean, I can see some kind of weird "No one I know liked it, so no one liked it" attitude, but the box office numbers are out there for anyone at all to look at. There's just no way to legitimately call this movie a "flop" (let alone an "immediate" one--it was number one for three weeks and in the top ten all summer, if I recall).

I want to borrow ladyaeryn's :headdesk: icon.

Sorry. I'll stop boring you all and write some fanfic or something. And actually keep to my boycott of RotS reviews. Really. I can quit. Anytime...

:scratches arms, hops from foot to foot...: