May 19th, 2005

Illustmaker me

RotS thoughts

Phew. I knew my fannish soul would wake up on time. It cut it close, mind you, but around five minutes to nine last night, I blinked at the computer screen and said, "Wait a minute--I'm not in the last SW opening night line ever. What's up with that?" So I scurried out of work at closing and found a ticket to a 12:45, did my time in line, and saw the flick on opening night. Of course, I seem to have developed a raging headache from the time (and a sneaking suspicion that I need new contacts), but oh well.

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Illustmaker me


Just did a drabble for hpgen100 (young Remus plays with his invisible friend). And Chapter 33 of Shifts made it up at the Quill, though it's the exact same text I mentioned putting up at HB a few days ago.

I've been working on a Regulus's first day fic, but I think I have the wrong POV. I like Regulus, but his POV is a little problematic in terms of keeping interest, because in my head, his voice is very detached, with things kind of happening around him, but really touching him much, even when he's in the middle of them. I think it might be true to the way the character sees the world, but it doesn't make for an engaging voice.