May 21st, 2005

Illustmaker me

Passing along a public service...

donnaimmaculata put me onto a new LJ, history_spork. For the pleasure of skewering weird historical movies. They haven't really gotten started yet, but the people running it link to their own reviews of Kingdom of Heaven, which are quite amusing. I've put in a vote for Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (love that movie--really--but it makes me giggle uncontrollably). Just thought I'd pass it along.
Illustmaker me

Call me a cynic...

Call me a cynic, but I think that next year at this time, after RotS has broken the midnight opening record, the one-day record, and the four-day-weekend record (two of which are actual, the third of which is easily in reach), and has gotten to $100M more quickly than any other movie (possibly will do so today), and being well-received critically, some critic--possibly a TV critic getting ready for the new series--will open a paragraph with, "Last year's Revenge of the Sith, a critical failure and immediate flop..."

Just putting in the prediction now, after hearing again about how it "redeems" SW after AotC... and remembering that when AotC came out, the critics raved about how it "redeemed" the franchise after TPM. I sense a pattern here.

At any rate, I happily thumb my nose at critics anyway--if I can't make up my own mind whether or not a movie appeals to me without help from a reporter on a glam beat, I don't deserve to have an opinion--so it's nothing to me, except that it remains highly irksome to see the slurs on TPM and AotC every time I turn around.
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