May 22nd, 2005

Illustmaker me

Fleas on a werewolf

Odd thought of the morning: It's true that a werewolf would only attack a human, but it's still an animal outside. What happens to fleas and mosquitoes that bite it? Instant death? Become little flying flea-wolves who attack their own kind? Or what if a werewolf flea doesn't die, but then goes and bites another human--could it be passed that way, the way the plague spreads via rat fleas?

Inquiring minds who should be working want to know.
Illustmaker me

SW peeve

I've been out of SW long enough that LJ friends may not know my big SW fandom peeve, up there on a level with "Ted Tonks is a Muggle" in HP-dom as far as wanting to smack people around with a canon-ball.

That is, "Darth Vader blew up Alderaan."

I've seen that in a couple of comments now while messing around on RotS, and, while I've given up arguing with Vader-bashers, I really must vent on it. It's true that he stood there and stopped Leia from rushing up and killing Tarkin, but Vader neither comes up with the idea nor gives the order to destroy Alderaan. That's Tarkin, beginning to end. The dialogue even implies that that Vader didn't particularly support the decision--he tells Tarkin, "I told you she would never consciously betray the Rebellion," and given the sequence of events, the most likely place for that admonition would have been in a conversation about the Death Star. Now, he may have followed it with, "But what the heck, let's blow the sucker and head home anyway," but he does seem to have told Tarkin that it would serve no purpose. It was Tarkin's idea when Vader's methods fail to work with Leia, and Tarkin who gave the order. Even Leia acknowledges that Tarkin has Vader on a leash.

So can we stop with the whole "Vader blew up Alderaan" thing? It has even less basis than Muggle!Ted, which can at least be blamed on a badly placed hyphenation in the American edition. ANH has no indication at all that anyone other than Tarkin gave that particular order.