May 23rd, 2005

Illustmaker me


Watched Buffy this morning before work. It was the one where Robin tries to kill Spike, and they keep playing that folk song that's his trigger.

If it doesn't exit my head soon, I'm going to go into vamp face.
Illustmaker me

Fic: Escape (SW)

Well, I still appear to be here. Anyway, awhile back, I wrote a fic called A Voice in the Ashes about a youngling OC. I'm pleased to say that I only need to change a couple of minor details (time of day, precise precipitating circumstances) to make it fit with new canon. So I decided to give it a backstory. Don't click if you're unspoiled--I wrote it before the movie and it hasn't got a lot of minor details right, so it's not a spoiler exactly, but the fact that I just mentioned only having to change a couple of details probably would be enough to qualify as a spoiler of a large event.

It's very, very difficult to write a story about a boy who doesn't know his own name. That's my observation for the day.

The last one had nothing in the way of spoilers. This one is ENTIRELY spoiled. You're warned.

EDIT: Apparently, the unnamed-in-the-film character played by Jett Lucas has a name in the credits ("Zett"), so I changed "Raham" in this story to that name.

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