May 24th, 2005

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A new word, long meme

I think SW can contribute a new slang word to the dictionary. Alas, "obi" is already a word--a sash, I believe--so I'll have to go with the unused "obism," definition: Something that's true, as long as you're not using words as the person listening understands them. (Eg, from ANH--not RotS, no spoiler--"Vader betrayed and murdered your father," meaning, "Everything your father was, was destroyed." Or in my own experience, "I'm finished with my assignment, Mrs. H," translated to, "I've done exactly as much of this assignment as I have any intention of doing.")

Edit: gehayi recommends making a verb of the last name, Kenobi, as in, "I kenobied so-and-so about it..."

I like that.


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Illustmaker me


Am I the only person on the planet who doesn't find the coyness from publishers and filmmakers about basic aspects of upcoming books to be intriguing? I just find it annoying. What in the world would be wrong with giving the cover-flap summary, the same as you'd get to read on a normal book when you go to pre-order at Amazon or whatnot? Yes, they know we're going to read it (HBP) anyway, so they don't actually need to have a marketing blurb, but the whole thing just irritates me. What is an obsession with secrecy to the point where they can't say what a new character is? You know, like, "There's a new DADA teacher," or "Harry meets a friend of his mother's" or... well, you know.

I mean, am I just weird in finding it singularly unappealing that that won't say what the book's basically about? I mean, I missed the original push for Sorcerer's Stone, but I'm reasonably sure that it at least would have said, "Eleven-year-old Harry Potter goes off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he comes face to face with the dark wizard who killed his parents." It tells you nothing about the plot, nothing about how Harry will prevail, nothing about who his friends are, but it still is enough to say, "Hmm. That sounds interesting." Running around saying, "I've got a secret! Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya!" is... just irritating. Not in a fascinating, I-gotta-find-out way. Just in an irritating way.