May 25th, 2005

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Note to people calling themselves conservative

Voting to radically realign filibuster practices is not a conservative vote. It's a radical vote. Radical=nonconservative. You can be rightist and radical, but you can't be conservative and radical. They're more or less antonyms. Conservatives believe in stability and not rushing headlong into changes we're not prepared for. We're cautious. We tend to subscribe to "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." And we tend not to think of things as "broke" until they are actually nonfunctional--meaning, not working as intended to work, which does not include "I can't pass a bill/nomination/motion/etc that I want just 'cause people disagree with me, waaaah." Hence, we are not radicals. If that means that sometimes liberals get their way through perfectly traditional parliamentary practices, then so be it. That's life in a sane democracy or republic; better luck next time. That's conservatism. As Buckley put it, we're standing on the engine of history yelling "STOP!"... not flooring the gas pedal.

So please, if you want to be a radical rightist, that's your Constitutional right. Believe as you please, even if you're wrong. But it's not being conservative. Kthnxbai.

(For context's sake, this rant inspired by "conservative" groups vowing revenge on Republicans who made the deal about filibusters. Grrr.)
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Blech. Just got back from the dentist. Deep cleaning. Iron hooks under the gums. It sounds like medieval torture, and honestly, if it were, I'd probably have talked. (Well, at least if it hadn't been for the Novacaine. Which for some reason doesn't work well on my front teeth, so I got about a half-blast up there. Of course, two hours after the actual procedure, that's kicking in full blast.)

But it's done. I must say, I'm extremely lucky. I took lousy care of my teeth, and all they needed was one filling and an excrutiating cleaning. I am going to take better care now. Really. As soon as I can feel my mouth again.
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So, what happens when I guess wrong? ROTS SPOILERS

Hmmm. I've complained for a long time about doing a kind of "suck it up" attitude with canon, if it doesn't happen to fit. I generally am pretty good about it--I get a fact wrong, I go back and change it. I get a sequence of events a little screwy, I may not go back and change it, but I won't use it again.

But what do I do when I get a characterization wrong?

Apparently, I stomp my feet, put my fingers in my ears, and howl. This is distressing to me.

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On a lighter SW note...

I did this with Harry Potter awhile back, so I'll do it now. No RotS spoilers.

My Top Ten Unpopular Opinions about the Classic Trilogy:
10. I like Ewoks.
9. Not only do I have no problem replacing ghost!Shaw with ghost!Christensen in the DVDs, I think it was a good choice thematically, because it brings Anakin back to the place where he took a wrong turn, thereby signifying a new beginning, which reinforces the springtime cyclical motif of the scene in question.
8. I don't care who shot first.
7. RotJ is my favorite of the three, because Anakin's redemption knocks my socks off.
6. I think Luke is the most interesting character.
5. I think the needle-thing on the Death Star has some kind of truth serum that makes it easier for Vader to probe her mind psychically, not that it was used for some kind of arcane torture. (Not if she's still wearing a white dress with no blood on it later!)
4. I think Lando demonstrated good leadership, minus one large screwup, on Bespin, and would like to see him in a responsible political position post-RotJ.
3. I love the hell out of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.
2. I'm reasonably sure that Vader already knew Obi-Wan was still alive at the time of ANH.
And my number 1 unpopular Classic opinion...
1. I just don't give a rip about Han Solo.