June 1st, 2005

Illustmaker me

I'm back!!!

Sorry about editing out my whereabouts, but I decided it might not be a great idea to just broadcast, "Hey, I'll be in Mississippi for the better part of a week! House is open!" Hence, the removal of said information. Will post later.

I love my Star Wars Sue. Just saying.
Illustmaker me


Ah. Sanity. That's right... I'd forgotten. Feels good.

Whether or not George Lucas said he was going to do the prequels back in the '80s--I guess he recently said he hadn't said that?--the rumor that they were going to be made very definitely went around. I know this, because I talked about it a lot with my SW friends, and somewhere fairly shortly after RotJ (but when it became apparent that release was not imminent), we promised that no matter where we were when the new SW trilogy came out, we'd see it together. In 1999, K and J came up here to see TPM with me. In 2002, J and I headed to North Carolina to grab AotC with K. And this past week, K and I bundled ourselves into her car (we met in Atlanta) and headed out to see RotS with J in Mississippi. (In each case, we'd all seen the movie before... we're not the most patient people... but that's not the point, so much.)

Now, I love these movies. I love them for many reasons, not the least of which is that they are associated with these particular people for me. They are two people in my life who never fail to de-craze me. When I hang out with them, I feel like I can be totally me. We have all the old shared jokes that make no sense to anyone else, the experience of growing up in the same small town (and hating it, though, as K put it, "I don't care how long you live anywhere else or how long it's been since you visited, you're from Perry, New York; you can't help it"), that sense of being the odd duck out, Odyssey of the Mind attitudes (any OMers out there know what we mean, I guess--ping pong has been made illegal; what can you do with a billion left over ping pong balls?), and a general attitude toward life. I've never blinked at the fact that all of these SW characters have names that you never hear because we named fake paintings that we made for the set of a seven minute sketch. No one knew these names except of us, they were written nowhere and contributed nothing to our OM score, but it never occurred to us not to name them. And we still remember the names. I don't have to explain anything to them, or vice versa. I've just spent five days being entirely unexplained. ;) I am sane.

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Illustmaker me

Jedi Robes... bargain basement sale! (Spontaneous question)

In honor of both Star Wars and Odyssey of the Mind (mentioned in the previous post), I thought I'd do a SW-related spontaneous question.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, spontaneous questions are brainstorming sessions. In competition, you have about five minutes to come up with as many answers as possible, one point for each unique answer, three for creative ones (or at least that's how it was in the dim days when I did it). Here, I'll just let it keep going. Say anything, even if it's dumb. The point is to get tons of short answers out without thinking.

The question:
As titti (I think) pointed out, the Jedi have a problem. They wear great heavy cloaks, and must remove them before battle. They rarely have a chance to retrieve them. Therefore, the entire galaxy must be absolutely littered with Jedi robes. Your question: what happens to them?

Answer at will, with as many ideas as you want.