June 3rd, 2005

Illustmaker me

Dictionary fetish

I subscribe to dictionary.com's word-of-the-day. This isn't to improve my working vocabulary, because honestly, 95% of the words in the English language aren't part of anyone's working vocabulary and probably shouldn't be, even if he or she happens to know those words. I know what antidisestablishmentarianism means, but I've never had cause to use it in a sentence, except as an example of an ungodly long word... and since the subject of religion and society is an interest of mine (the word refers to this subject), I'd have more cause than most.

No, I don't read my word-of-the-day, or curl up with a good American Heritage or Webster's to learn new and exciting words. I curl up with them to learn that "idea" comes from the same root, apparently, as "penguin." (Weid--, which means "to see," has a direct relationship to ideas, which you see in your head, and somehow also became attached to "white," which is possibly Welsh "wynn," which in turn refers to coloration on a penguin. Maybe we should ditch owls--that's just of imitative origin in Middle English, after the sound an owl makes--as wisdom birds and adopt penguins instead, even though they do look silly.) For some unfathomable reason, this piece of information delights me to no end.

I think that, even without getting into my fannish tendencies, that qualifies me as a geek.

So be it, Jedi.
Illustmaker me

Work related help?

I'm used to and prepared for the annual ethnic American writer assignments. We have lists. I'm set up. But I just got my first ever assignment for students to find "Anglo-Ethnic authors." It doesn't matter which ethnicity is secondary (presumably, as long as they're not Anglo, though I'm willing to guess by examples like Anglo-Pakistani and Anglo-Chinese that the teacher doesn't mean Anglo-Scottish or Anglo-Welsh). I'm not finding lists in any of my common places, and I couldn't seem to get a bead on library lists there. (My librarian spidey-senses aren't tingling much--I frankly couldn't figure out where the main page for London libraries is (londonlibraries.org.uk has lists, but didn't seem to go to a main library homepage); I know I've been there, but...

Anyway, are there any good places to get lists of Anglo-[ethnic] authors, preferably with large bodies of work and criticism?