June 9th, 2005

Illustmaker me


Shoot. I'm tracking footnotes on a chapter of a book I'm reading dealing with the father's role, and I found something I want to read about the "Esau complex"--being denied the father's blessing. There was a whole thesis about it.

Called "Das Ringen des Sohnes um den Segen des Vaters." The lovely babelfish informs me that this has something vaguely to do with the benediction of the father and the son's struggle for it. Apparently, it only exists as a thesis given at the Jung Institute in Zurich. And probably hasn't been put online. I'd be willing to slog through it with a dictionary and a grammar book and catch every seventeeth word, because I am now obsessive about this thing that I can't find, but I, er, can't find it. And honestly, would probably give up on trying to read a language I don't speak or understand pretty quickly anyway. But it's frustrating. It sounds like exactly what I want, but no one even appears to have referenced the complex to explain it in layman's terms.

Sigh. My life is full of sturm und drang. Whatever shall I do?
Illustmaker me

Return of the... who was that again?

Chapter 35 of Shifts ("Infiltration") went up at the Quill. I don't remember whether or not I made any significant edits!

I can't express how sick I'm getting of the weird dichotomy on the Jedi. Why is it either, "They were perfect" or "They had to be purged to bring balance"? They're not perfect. I think that surprised some people when TPM came out. That doesn't mean that one has to go to the other extreme and say, "Well, obviously, they needed to be wiped out and start all over again." That doesn't make sense with the already-known fact that the triumphal moment is not titled, Luke Starts With A Clean Slate but Return of the Jedi. The Jedi are part of the natural balance. That they have a blind spot in the Republic trilogy is clear, but...

Aaargh. Just things I'm getting sick of. It's getting to the point of being equivalent to the Maruaders v. Snape stuff--yeah, we saw the Marauders being highly imperfect... so all the sudden we're supposed to forget that James died to protect his family, Sirius defends Harry with every scrap of his being, and Remus showed heretofore unsuspected levels of attention and kindness to a lonely kid? Of course... they bullied Snape! They must be teh E3IL and the rest is just cover. They must be purged.