June 14th, 2005

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A relic of my misspent fannish youth

Well, I dug this old fossil up for the A.S. Homepage chat last week, and I've been flipping through it ever since. My friends and I had a club, which involved an entrance test on SW trivia. We highlighted the questions. (And promptly cheated Jenny D. and Heather through, because they were already in, despite not knowing the trivia.) Anyway, these are the highlighted questions from the official Perry Chapter of the Star Wars Freaks Club, from:


Collapse )

Apparently, we opted out of the Tough Trivia questions, like, "What caused a landspeeder to float?" or "What was the code number on the trash compactor?"

Don't'cha love finding old books and remembering them? Did anyone else have this one?
Illustmaker me


Sunday, I bent my thumb back draining a pot. My wrist has hurt progressively more since. I'm starting to think I might have to get it some kind of medical attention. Because, ouch. Constant ouch. Including from typing.

Problem? It's my smart hand. I can't live without my smart hand. Typing with just my left hand (which I'm doing right now for practice, just in case), is slow and awkward. Mousing around is too rad to bother practicing.
Illustmaker me

Ouch update, because I know you all were just hanging on the news

Well, I saw the doc about my hand. Mild strain on the wrist, and I was doing all the right things. No sign of a break. To my astonishment, no sign of carpal tunnel sydrome either! Given that my job, my social life, and all my hobbies are computer-centered, that has to count as a minor miracle. I admit, I felt a little foolish that it turned out to be nothing. But it was hurting like crazy earlier, and I did get something for the inflammation.

As long as this is a pointless post, here are my opinions on silly current stuff:

Tom and Katie: My opinion is beyond not caring, it's being completely confused about why it's an issue. Heh?

Michael Jackson verdict: Correct. Not saying he didn't do it (or did), but that was a mess of a prosecution, and I would have opted for Not Guilty, too. Better that ten guilty men go free, etc. That said, the reputation thing should certainly warn parents off the ranch. Er, except that the reputation has been in place for a long, long time. Will someone in this man's family make him a reservation in a nice, padded room?

Paris Hilton: Was there something about her leaving public life? Can I give an "Amen"!

Brad and Angelina and Jen: See "Tom and Katie." I don't know these people.

That's it.