June 21st, 2005

Illustmaker me

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Hmmm. Did the gym before work and came in fresh from a stint in the steam room. It's fairly relaxing.

I love reviews of fics that make it obvious that the reviewer hasn't read the fic, but just an excerpt. I was reading the VM guestbook (apparently, some of the comment notifications didn't go through), and someone who obviously just looked at the art and snippets complained that the stories must be very silly for Vader to have "a vixenish wife in red" or for Leia to be "happily enjoying a sunset with him." (The Leia one, at least I can understand, as the snippet is at the beginning of their relationship, before they crash and burn, so it's an odd image, but the one on Lady Vader puzzles me... Julie's portrait of her makes it very obvious that Vader's wife is none other than--:drumroll:--Vader's wife!)