June 22nd, 2005

Illustmaker me


I bought earphones so I could watch TV (and hear it) at the gym. Unfortunately, they were playing The View and an infomercial on the monitors I could see. Two screens of The View. Isn't one already pushing it? Sigh.

Three days straight, four days total. Another seven hundred twenty or so to go, and that's if I can keep to a pound a week. Did I mention that I hate this? Go in and see all these pretty, skinny women and pretty, muscly men talking about how after they finish up, they're going to go meet someone for racquetball. This is so not a Fern place. I mean, The View. I didn't really need to know Bo Bice's stand on NPR. It really wasn't a question that was burning in my brain.

But then, if I don't do anything about this while my heart is still miraculously healthy, no place is going to be a Fern place, so here I am. I hated gym all through school, and now I'm paying to be allowed to feel humiliated in public. Oh, well. I made myself a whale. I guess it's just punishment.