June 28th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Tatooine ages

Obviously, Tatooine's suns age people kind of prematurely. Owen and Beru should be roughly in their early forties, but were played by people who were fifty-four and sixty, respectively. So, Shmi is played by a forty year old woman in TPM... Does it seem reasonable that she's actually in her early thirties?

(Because I don't want to spend a whole eighteen years of my story before she ends up on Tatooine. ;))

No, actually, I really am wondering. Alec Guiness wasn't too far a match--62, maybe six years older than Obi-Wan would have been, and if it starts with Ewan MacGregor's age at the time of filming TPM (that started filming in '97, right?), only three years difference (I'm assuming Obi-Wan was actually supposed to be younger than twenty-six in TPM, if Anakin's getting all itchy about the trials at the ripe old age of nineteen, though I could be wrong). So forty could be reasonable for Shmi in TPM.
Illustmaker me

Old meme

I'm searching through my calendar to try and find that fic with young Godric and Salazar. Finding loads of stuff I'd forgotten, though no joy yet on the Founders story!

Anyway, I found a meme from last April that amused me. It was taking quotes from stories without giving their titles, and just giving a link to the stories (apparently to see if the quote was interesting enough to make people want to read them).

The Star Wars edition
The Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings edition


And, btw, Chapter 38 of Shifts ("The Last Interlude") just went up at SQ. I think I tweaked an "oldest" to an "eldest," made some braids into plaits (because I forgot that Britpick in the HB version), and made it clearer that Fleur was getting the French version of the Daily Prophet by tapping it with her wand not because that's common magic, but because there's a French edition written and a Francophone can switch the English version to it without much difficulty.