July 1st, 2005

Illustmaker me

Wow, it's July 1

When did that happen?

Well, as is true on the first of each and every month, a new Saga Journal issue has arrived. This one includes the essay I did the surveys for here, Brothers and Sons: Lack of Communication in the Relationship Between Anakin Skwalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, which some commentors asked for a link to when it went up. Also, if you haven't been there before, check through the back issues, where there are lots of neat essays!
Illustmaker me

Waah, waah, waah

Have I mentioned how much I dislike sports interrupting regular programming? I'm trying to catch all of Angel so I can finally be grounded enough in the Jossverse to think about writing there. It's not my all time favorite show, but I'm enjoying it and we're at an interesting section of Season 3 (after Connor is taken but before he comes back). My only complaint about it is, what the hell was Charisma Carpenter thinking bleaching her hair?

So I get ready to tune in, check the channel guide to see which episode it's going to be today and...


I thought when we finished basketball, we were done with the stupid programming interruptions on TNT. Doesn't Turner have a sports channel or something for this sort of thing?

Forget it. Angel fans on my f-list, is there a good episode guide with a detailed breakdown of each one, like buffyguide is for BtVS? I don't feel like chasing it around TNT's sports schedule anymore.