July 2nd, 2005

Illustmaker me

Odd thoughts

Nothing special going on. I'm putting off heading to the gym, but I really must do it. Because honestly, (cue TPM!Anakin!Voice) "It's working!" I dislike admitting that, but the fact that I can slide my jeans on without unbuttoning them after only two weeks is probably a good sign.

So, just odd thoughts:

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Illustmaker me

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Popping around blogs from people in WNY, I found this one:

I am:
"Congratulations, you're a swing voter. When they say 'Soccer Mom', they mean you. Every Democratic ad on the TV set was made just for your viewing enjoyment. Don't you feel special?"

Are You A Republican?

Actually, probably about right in most of the country, though in New England, it's probably more in the sixty-odd percents. I'm just not good with the partisan thing.