July 3rd, 2005

Illustmaker me

Fic: The Hidden Face--Chapter 2: The Hooded Woman, part 1

Okay. Finished the non-fic piece (why is that always such a harrowing experience?), so I can get back to my story. Yay.

Anyway, when we last left Our Heroine, fourteen-year-old Shmi Skywalker, she had been taken into slavery by pirates who killed her family, including her favorite brother, Jeztiz. She is allowed to keep two masks involved in a religious holiday--the Leil-in (the face of the hidden) and the Anak-in (the face of the protector). She was bought on the world of Zhemess by a mysterious man named Akris who is trying to buy his way back into his tribe on Tatooine, and a fortune-telling priestess named Telpi convinced him that Shmi could help him do this. Telpi also understands Shmi's language, and doesn't think much of Shmi's people. Akris is not enthusiastic about following Shmi's suggestions.

Table of Contents and Summary So Far

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Illustmaker me

La, la, la, la, la

I should be writing "The Hidden Face," but I can't muster any enthusiasm for it tonight. There's so much time, and incidents are spread across it. I think I have to work on the structure.

What shall I do tomorrow? It's no fun to sit on the Esplanade alone for hours, so I think I'll watch the fireworks on TV, though I might pop down there to see the crowd while it's still daylight. Maybe I'll rent 1776 or something. I love that show. I think they do a reading of the Declaration of Independence downtown, but I'm not sure what time it is. I do enjoy the Fourth. Summer holidays rock.

I reserved my copy of HBP finally, and decided where to camp for the midnight release... is anyone else from the area doing a midnight release? If you're local (Boston area) and want to meet up, email me, and we can see if we're going the same place. I also get to host a big HP bash at work, since I work on the 16th. Of course, the target audience will all be curled up in armchairs at home, absorbing new canon. ;) Nevertheless, if I'm stuck at work, then I can at least enjoy a heavily Potter-ized atmosphere, and will bring my Firebolt. I should get a McGonagall costume. (No, too expensive.)

EDIT: Oops, don't need to post twice about the same thing. I've now started forgetting what I've already blogged about. This can't be a good sign.