July 5th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Poll about a potentially upcoming story

I have two ideas related to the Shifts OCs, and I like them both but think, as a writer, that doing both would be overdoing my OCs, since both involve another meet-up with the wizarding world. I can't promise I'll do either--if HBP does something wacky like killing Remus or Tonks or stating definitively that they'll never be together, I won't--but I'm thinking about the subject.

One idea (already mentioned, Dear Readers) is that one of Joe Levinson's two grandchildren--probably his grandson, who is younger, is really a Muggle-born wizard/witch, and gets a Hogwarts letter. Something has happened to Joe's son and his wife, so Joe and Miriam have custody, and they get to meet Remus and Dora with the masks off... and someone has to deal with the fact that they may start to remember their Obliviation from earlier. Plus? Lots to play with in terms of the ethical issues of memory charms. Minus--I don't so much have story in mind as a situation.

The other idea would take place Mira's first year out of Hogwarts, when she's apprenticing in the Department of Magical Catastrophes. She's sent to a remote region where there's been a huge magical mishap, but the Muggle world is not unaware of the problem, and is treating it like an unidentified plague. A team of doctors comes to investigate, including the now rather dashing--if a good deal older than Mira (but she is her mother's daughter)--Daniel Morse. Plus? Chance to deal with a very happy and well-adjusted witch having to choose what to do about love for a Muggle, and worries about possibly losing contact with her beloved family. Minus? It's a bloody romance, and I'd have to pick a remote area, which means research, not to mention the possibility that someone from that area would be offended that I'd picked it as the Remote-Area-in-Need-Of-Doctors du jour.


So, which should it be?

After book 7, Joe Levinson's grandson gets his Hogwarts letter.
*Long* after book 7, adult Mira Lupin meets Daniel Morse.

And, conveniently timed enough, Shifts is now complete at SQ. The epilogue just went up a couple of minutes ago.

EDIT: My vote doesn't actually count; I just don't like clicking through several things to see the responses. ;)