July 11th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Must... write... fic...

To those breathlessly awaiting the next installment of The Hidden Face, it's still delayed, while I figure out a good timeline. It's been a little over week. I think I had a three-week break in Shifts before I finally ended up doing, like, 2000 words a day for a couple of months to finiish it, so I don't think that means it's hopeless. I know where Shmi's going, what's happening, etc. Alas, my brain got caught up in an O.C.'s story somewhere along the line, then started wondering about something entirely different. (What if, in the course of a mission, Obi-Wan had met his natural parents but didn't recognize them, but Anakin--around fourteen or fifteen in the era I'm thinking about--knew perfectly well who they were, or at the very least is able to figure it out? I'm not ready to write that one yet, but I think I eventually will. I think it's going to be a Family Portrait sequel, though Siri-less because I'll swallow all the lava on Mustafar before using Ferus the Twit. Unless I get paid for it, anyway. For those wondering how I got there from The Hidden Face, I'll just say there was good guessing going on in the comments. Though I guess my writing wasn't subtle.)

I'm not writing HP fic until July 16, when hopefully I will finish the book, and will try to get a vignette up that night. Just because. ;p

Of course, that would be a poor time to do it, as it would compete with people reading, you know, canon. Hmmm. Perhaps I'll stick to SW-fic until, like, a week after.

Meanwhile, I am going to get back to things. I tried a few times here, but nothing was really coming. Possibly something short and Luke-ish.