July 12th, 2005

Illustmaker me

A public service announcement, for those who haven't noticed yet.

mctabby has a new batch of Summary Executions.

It really puts angst over minor detail Jossing in perspective to remember that there is a story out there whose summary is, "harry was bittin and sev is now his mate all is well in the world, right? wrong he is now a woman!" Or, of course, that apparently, "we have all seen stories where Harry is taken by the elves to train for his upcoming battle with Voldemort."

And I seriously doubt that canon will allow for, "Ginny has been possessed by Julie Andrews."
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Illustmaker me

Olympic baseball and softball

I find myself in an odd position here.

The Olympic Committee has voted out softball and baseball. This is not a problem for me--for whatever reason, I tend to think of the Olympics as designed for individual sports--running, gymnastics, weightlifting... the shape of individual excellence, with a kind of nebulous concept of being on a "team" for your country. And I think we need to either pare down the number of sports played or expand the amount of time given to cover them; no one is getting good coverage.

In short, I'm not opposed to yanking several events, and baseball and softball seem like fair targets that wouldn't really mar the spirit of the games too much. I also wouldn't mind losing basketball, soccer/football, or volleyball. And if they drop beach volleyball, I'll even do a little dance.

The decision itself isn't something that bugs me, though of course I suppose it would if I were playing softball and wanted to go to the Olympics. It's not like there's any baseball-like event for women at nearly that level to aim for instead. But as far as the Olympics go, I'm not sure that's my most pressing concern.

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