July 20th, 2005

Illustmaker me

To early November

Okay, it's time to sleep.

I've gotten something resembling an HBP timeline up to early November, 1996. I had to fudge on when (edited for oh-so-earth-shattering spoiler) a new member is chosen for the team, and made an educated guess on the first Quidditch match (the first or second Saturday in November) based on previous books. The Hogsmeade weekend, I'm pretty sure is Oct 19, though since it's only identified as "the middle of October," it could be Oct 12--but it seems that the 19th is identified as the "middle of July" (since the twelfth can't be two weeks after the end of OotP), so I stuck to the 19th for consistency.

I'll figure out December on later.

For now, corrections, additions, anything other dates that are nailed down?

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