July 26th, 2005

Illustmaker me

It's too hot to sleep

It's almost one, I do have to work tomorrow, and I'm just thinking, Ick.

Oh, well.

I'll remember this when I'm complaining about the cold in the winter. Maybe I should start looking at L.A. again...


I seem to be fairly well squared to start an HBP-year continuation of Shifts, which surprises me, as I wasn't thinking I'd be remotely ready to think about a big project for awhile. There are things I have to figure out and plans to make, but I keep getting these scenes piling into my head, just snatches of things more than full stories.

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Illustmaker me

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Well, I just posted an entry in the Quill's Remus and Tonks "The Discussion" challenge. (I'm after calico, who has a nice entry with good imagery.) Both have spoilers. Comments go in a different thread there--the story thread is for stories only--or feel free to comment here, if so inclined. Well, for me, anyway. Calico wouldn't get things here very well. ;)

Oh, and it includes some of the thoughts on what I'm doing in the HBP-year continuation of the Shifts-verse will be. It's actually kind of coming together in my head. May I say that, for someone who had a major story totally Jossed by it, I'm thoroughly enjoying the Collapse )

And, btw, I cleaned up Flames a bit and put it at SQ. It still has spoilers regarding Remus, though most of it is my speculation on what the book has him doing... it still does mention what the book has him doing, ya know?