July 27th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Call me Xena...

So, I've added a bit of wussy-level weight lifting to gym, on the machines. There's one where I'm supposed to do a forty-pound lift, 12 reps 2 sets. Well, it has a kind of complicated seat, and I got distracted adjusting it because a guy a bit taller than I was had been there just before me. Then I sat down and started lifting.

It was a really hard hoist, but I'm, like, "Well, you know you're out of shape, so suck it up. That's what you're doing here. And I did all my reps, rested, managed that hoist again (bitching about how much of a wimp I was for not being able to lift forty damned pounds), and did another set of twelve. I finished and went across to the next machine.

At which point I noticed that, in all the fiddling with the seat, I'd forgotten to move the pin on the weights.

I did two sets of twelve at one hundred and forty pounds.

I think I'm lucky I didn't blow anything out...