July 30th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Shades, Chapter One: The End, pt. 1

Okay. Here we go--Shifts sequel. Little nervous here.

There are some major, er, points that need addressing, and I'll address them (not all in the first post, which is a bit too quick), but some minor things are just going to slip under the radar. We'll just forget everyone meeting and volunteering in the twins' shop, as Molly seemed to have to look for it. (The hell? They'd been there for months, woman!) And after much hemming and hawing I'm just going to just boldly ignore Lupin calling Tonks "Tonks" and have him continue to call her Dora, at least when they're alone, because that's just too embedded in the way the previous story was told. I'll just pre-emptively ask forgiveness for this deviation from canon.

This isn't going to go as fast at first as Shifts was going by the end, but it shouldn't be too terribly slowly, and I know the end and a lot of middle points to hit, so I don't see any quagmires.

And with that... er... I guess it's time to start.

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