August 12th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Drabble challenge meme

Snagged from kizmet_42, who took it directly from sreya, who seems to have made it up.

The challenge to my flist: list a scene for me to write a drabble-length fic in any of the following fandoms:

Lord of the Rings (BOOK ONLY)
Quantum Leap
The Goonies
Stephen King

(Yes, my two most prominent fandoms are missing, and I've never so much as attempted the last two. Shrug. Time to get out of a rut.)
Illustmaker me


Yikes. I haven't signed into AOL on the fernwithy screen name for over a week, and I have 42 messages sitting in my inbox.

I'm almost afraid to look at my gmail address.

Anyone else ever go through a week or so of just being out of touch?!