August 18th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Weird lunch hour

I didn't eat. This wasn't some planned dieting thing, I just had to pick up a bus ticket. Bus depots are weird anyway. My ticket was from an obscure company, and I saw the sign over an empty counter next to a queued line to a major carrier, which obviously was selling for several lines. So I got in. Twenty minutes later, the person at the counter informs me that they only sell when the other carrier is closed, and points to this shadowy alcove out of customer sightline. I go over there and wait while the guy ahead of me apparently rebuilds the entire computer, and then have to explain my trip four times to the counter guy. Finally, I get my ticket. I think I might have time to grab a sandwich if I take a cab back to work (stupid reasoning at rush hour, I know). In the cab, I get a diatribe from a cabbie who insists that O.J., Michael Jackson, and Kobe Bryant are free because they bought the police, and the police are all liars, and Whitey Bolger is in Israel, and all white people should be wiped out by a tsunami. (Note, the coloring on my icon is mostly accurate.) Which, by the way, Osama bin Laden knows how to cause, and (I think) did cause, which was a source of great admiration from the cabbie, who peppered this diatribe with vulgar language. I managed to keep my temper until he let me out--it's unwise to engage crazy people who have control of a couple of tons of steel in which one is sitting helplessly--but I was worked up to a good head of steam by the time I got out. I wish I'd had a pen or pencil with me to take down the cab number.

Then when I got back to work, some old woman was in line ahead of me at the café and I couldn't get a sandwich to scarf before I was due back at the desk. This wasn't her fault of course, but still. Frustrating.

And still, no lost temper. I'm amazed at myself.