August 23rd, 2005

Illustmaker me

A note to some idiots on the road

I'd blame this on stupid Albuquerque driving, but I saw a truck in Massachusetts (close to the Cape) doing the same stupid thing, and it was nothing but luck that...

Er, let me start at the beginning. My mother has to get a new windshield. She was driving along at 65-70 MPH and a rickety truck ahead of her bounced, throwing books and loose rocks off the truckbed and into traffic. A rock went through her windshield and missed her by about three inches. The car behind her, the windshield was shattered. The truck went serenely on its way, apparently believing that the rocks were keeping the books under control. If this had been one isolated incident, it would annoy me--a lot, as that's my mother's head which was missed by three inches--but the truth is, the same thing happened to me on a busy street in the same city, so it's not an isolated incident, it's apparently a common way for people to drive. Someone was carrying loose chunks of concrete on the back of a truck bed, and they were spilling all over the road with every bounce. I had about a quarter of a second to figure out how to get one of these flying chunks to damage the car instead of me (I let it go under the car rather than through the driver's side windshield). And on Friday, I looked down from a bus window to see a truck bed in which a metal ladder was being held down by loose bricks. A Higher Power was apparently watching over it, as I didn't hear about any accidents involving people being impaled on a ladder after their skulls were broken.

What idiot decided that this was a good idea and spread the notion around among people with trucks? Hey, let's load the thing up with heavy loose objects, then bounce around on the road at high speeds! Wouldn't that be cool? They make nifty projectile weapons. Bad for aiming, of course, but excellent damage!


Bungee cords: They're not just for jumping off of bridges anymore.

Or better yet, tied-down tarps.

End rant.
Illustmaker me

Bored now...

Meme stolen from missambs

1) Name a pairing (in a fandom I'm familiar with) and I will write one line of a story for it.


2) Ask me my opinion on any character from any fandom, and I will say. If I do not know the fandom, I will say what I think I know based on fannish osmosis.

(My addition: You can also ask my opinions on any controversies involved with the fandoms, or plot events or whatnot... I won't limit it to just characters, unless that's all people feel like asking.)

Fandoms (or at least original canons) I'm familiar with: HP, Star Wars, Buffy/Angel, Quantum Leap, LotR (book only), Stephen King, Orson Scott Card (Enderverse or Alvinverse), Chaim Potok