August 25th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Ah, the practical stuff

I loved the fan interview of JKR because of all the theme and plot questions, but as a fanfic writer, there seemed to be a lot of practical issues left unaddressed. I mean, it was good to know Ron's Patronus and eye-color, but it's Remus's Patronus that I need to know. Tonks's old one would be good as well.

Other stuff:

I have to work with Proudfoot and Savage, since they're stationed in Hogsmeade with Tonks. Do I use male or female pronouns for them? (Proudfoot and Savage: The new Blaise Zabinis)

The message-bearing Patronuses... what, do they talk? Break apart into light fragments and spell things in the air, a la Tom rearranging his name in the CoS movie? Feed thoughts and images into the receiver's mind? Do a mime routine? Play charades or Win, Lose, or Draw? How in the hell do they deliver specific messages like, "I'm coming up the road with Harry now"?

And what about long distance communication? Do they just saunter down from Hogwarts to London? This doesn't strike me as inconspicuous, or quicker than floo powder. If too many owls at Grimmauld Place would draw attention, then floating glowy things would be even weirder. Or can Muggles not see Patronuses? That would be interesting. At any rate, inquiring minds trying to write fanfic featuring the adult Order members want to know.

The portraits in multiple places--are the frames just empty in one place? I'd have thought so, except that Phineas is known to actually make noises when his frame appears to be empty, so I wonder if he, like, had his favorite invisibility cloak painted into the portrait, so he could put it on whenever he wanted to.

Who owns the Shrieking Shack? I've got Remus owning it (and most of what money he has swirling down its drains) after his parents left it to him, but really... it would be very useful information to actually have, and probably isn't a big plot point.

When, in school year time, did Sirius run away? End of fifth year? Summer? Sixth year? Could be a strongly birthday-related question. (My guess: Winter of sixth year, maybe over Christmas holidays. He looked too fat and happy in the Pensieve to be just out of a pretty big emotional upheaval. But that's just a guess.)

I'd also really very much like to know if Fenrir Greyback really killed the Montgomery boy, but if he didn't, I guess that's a plot point that wouldn't ever get an answer.

I guess I'm not really asking these things, unless JKR has time to peruse LiveJournal between baby-changings, just sort of musing on matters that just aren't deep enough to muse on, but which I keep tripping over.

Anyone else have these?