September 5th, 2005

Illustmaker me

The Shrieking Shack

I just had an odd thought while preparing to move the Shades action to Hogsmeade. I was re-reading the parts in PoA pertaining to it, and Remus does, in fact, confirm that it was built for his use, something I had gone in to check (thank heaven) before saying that they commandeered an already existing house and started rumors about it being haunted. Obviously, not the case. Not sure how they gave it the haunted reputation so quickly, but whatever.

The odd thought that occurred to me is this: Why is the Shrieking Shack furnished?

I mean, you build a house for a werewolf to transform in, presumably put all sorts of wards around it to reinforce a "Do Not Enter" mentality, and so on and so forth. I could see putting curtains on the windows, but the house is furnished, with lots of things that Remus breaks while he's transformed. That's why I was thinking of having it owned by someone else who vacated under mysterious-looking circumstances. That wasn't the case, by the text, so the furniture had to be put in by the people building the house.

Building a house is a pretty expensive proposition, no matter who actually paid for it. Why would someone then add extra money to furnish such a house, especially when its lone occupant would use furniture mainly as chew toys, scratching posts, and, um, territory marking spots?

So... why? Was Dumbledore expecting break-ins? Were Remus's parents obsessive-compulsive about getting it right? Did the Marauders nick furniture to make transformation night more entertaining? Did Remus try to live there at some point after school, furnish the place, and then destroy it? (Oo, there's a plot.)

Just an odd thought.