September 12th, 2005

Illustmaker me

A late blame game meme

Well, douglain had a post last week about spending the weekend doing the blame game on Katrina's death toll. Annoyed as I have been with the general hysteria on all fronts when it comes to addressing the subject, I was going to refrain, until I finally realized this morning that I do blame something, and the something that I blame is political factionalism and partisan whinging... which I can lay at all of our feet, because we support it by buying into it and voting for politicians who indulge in it.
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Illustmaker me

The E-Bay JKR cage match

I'm not a heavy E-Bay user--I've only gotten a couple of things there--so I guess it's inevitable that I'm firmly on JKR's side in this signature kerfluffle. I mean... people are getting money off fake merchandise that she's informed the site is fake, and...

I am confused.

It's not like JKR is a person given to rabid outbursts about how badly people treat her. This is a case of genuinely nasty use of her name, to manipulate her fans and extort money from them, probably while the perpetrator gets a good laugh out of it.

And E-bay is snooty about it?