September 16th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Fandom history question--MWPP as "The Marauders"

I was just looking at a collection of fan essays on HP (the one edited by Galadriel Waters)--just breezing through--and I happened upon an opening to the section on the Marauders talking about whether or not they called themselves the Marauders and how it was never confirmed in the text (obviously, pre-HBP, since Ron refers to them as such), and it reminded me of a question: How did this end up a debate?

I don't mean, "Ugh, how stupid, couldn't people see?" It's true that I don't get the whole apostrophe debate, largely because I've shelved a whole series of books called "The Complete Idiot's Guide to..." and I know it doesn't mean there's just one idiot in the world, but the truth is, the text never has them refer to themselves as anything--including in HBP--and the title of the map could have just been a one-off joke referring to a specific adventure.

I'm just wondering, on a general interest level, what the nature of the debate was, as far as what it meant. Did people who thought they called themselves Marauders have one view of them, while people who thought they didn't do so have another? If so, what were the views, and why did each belief attach to them?
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