September 18th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Long day

So someone was supposed to come and interview yesterday about what I put in an f-locked (personal life) post a couple of days ago, and she was supposed to come last night and didn't show. Finally reached her on the phone and she said she'd fallen asleep after work, and would call today to reschedule, so I stick by my phone and stay offline enough and miss another day of working out waiting for the phone to ring, which of course it never does.

I'm getting ulcers here. Screw it. I hate having to count on other people.


More lighthearted. I've been entertaining myself with another issue of a logic puzzle magazine, which declares itself proudly to be "The best logic puzzles imported from England!!!"

Maybe it's me, but I never thought, "Wow, our American logic puzzles are fine, but I'll bet English logic puzzles must be really smashing!" I mean, logic puzzles are logic puzzles. But the magazine is pretty readily available at CVS, so I picked it because it was the only LP magazine there. It has a little page explaining Britishisms in the clues. But after doing these things all day, plus on commutes back and forth to work and at lunch during the week, I have this really skewed perception of an England in which people are always going on weird little holidays, sorted by obscure clues like "The Joneses went on the longest holiday, but it wasn't to Orkney, while the Smythe-Pierces didn't travel by boat." Asking directions is a cosmic enterprise, because it will all come out like an old man out in the country here. "You know, you got three roads. The first one, you got a silo on the corner, 'bout halfway down, and it used to belong to the Doobiddies until the Depression. The last one's the one that runs by the river. Used to have barges up there, back in the day. It runs nigh on fifty miles if you go far enough. You don't take either of those roads..."

You know, come to think of it, learning to understand those clues really might have practical applications.
Illustmaker me

Writer's block

Argh. Brain, meet keyboard. You used to know one another, I think. Just because Tonks relocated to Hogsmeade doesn't mean that you're suddenly strangers. She has to do something all year, and, you know, her job sounds kind of reasonable. So please, re-engage and get moving on a Hogsmeade plot.

Brain, your immediate compliance is strongly requested by management.

Illustmaker me

Shades, Chapter Six: The Unforbidden Forest, pt. 1

Tonks has relocated to Hogsmeade (along with Dawlish, Savage, and Proudfoot, with whom she is not getting along). Her school friends, including Sanjiv McPherson, who lives in Hogsmeade regularly, have helped her move in. After they go, she realizes that she has a direct view of the Shrieking Shack from her window, which is not going to be especially helpful in keeping her mind off of a thick-skulled werewolf of her acquaintance. ;)

Table of Contents and Summary So Far

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