September 19th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Buffy novels?

I was checking in new books on Friday, and we keep up with several media tie-in series, including Buffy, and in the new batch of books, there was one about Spike called Spark and Burn. It looked very promising--the cover copy suggested that we'd learn a lot more about Spike, and that interested me; I think he's a neat character.

Only, here's the thing. The cover copy seemed to imply stuff about his past, talking about his identity and things like that, and I had it in my head--maybe without provocation, I don't know--that the book would maybe tell us a little bit about William. It did quote the line that interested me, about how he dropped his slate in the water and the chalk all ran, and there was a brief sentence, but I had imagined, when I picked up the book, that interspersed with some contemporary story of daring-do, we'd have reason to backtrack and get to meet William in his youth and see the sort of person he was, for his identity to be so strongly retained after vamping without his soul. That's what makes Spike interesting--getting his soul was the culmination of rediscovering his identity, not to cause of it, and that means that his identity is interesting and a legitimate thing to hang a plot on.

But the book was just one re-hashed scene from the series after another, slightly warmed over and with some background on, of all things, Machida the fraternity demon (revel in the randomocity). The only scenes we see with mortal William are the ones we've seen on the series--the vamping, the awful party with Cecily, some of the stuff with his mother. Most of the book seems to be screenplays with commentary.

Looking at several of the books on the shelf, I note that quite a few are novelizations of the teleplays, and I guess I was kind of wondering, since I'm only on the fringes of that fandom--is that what the book series basically is? Rehashed tellings of the episodes? What's the reputation of the novels in the fandom?

I'm not bashing Ms. Gallagher, who may well have been operating within strict parameters of the writers' guidelines; I'm just disappointed. It's such a well-written show--I was expecting the novels to be better than average tie-in novels, and I've so far been disappointed with what I've seen in general. I'm not expecting great literature, just some new Buffy-stuff... a fresh big bad, some new background on the characters, maybe some fun word play.

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Illustmaker me

A store for people with WAY too much money

I'm still snickering, though I made it out of the store without actually laughing out loud.

See, when I get depressed about my finances, I have a somewhat counterproductive habit of going to look at expensive things that I couldn't afford, and today's lunchtime jaunt was to the ever-popular Restoration Hardware, which deals in overpriced towel racks and other household sundries. At the moment, they're having their annual fall lighting sale, in which small table lamps that normally go for $170 are marked down to $120.

I noticed by the door that there was a nice display of lamps on a step-ladder that had been painted black--an actual step-ladder, the kind that opens up in a V and has a little wooden attachment at the top which you're meant to hold on to while on upper rungs--and I thought, "Aw, how cute, they're playing up their hardware fixation by putting up a ladder as a display rack! Neat thinking!"

Then I noticed the tag on the ladder. Know what it said?

"Tiered Display Shelf, $279."

I skedaddled before I broke some overpriced item while ROTFLMAO.
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