September 25th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Shades, Chapter Six: The Unforbidden Forest, pt. 3

Tonks and McGonagall were in the Forbidden Forest, and came to the conclusion that the Dementors weren't hiding out there. Things were going reasonably well, until they left the Forest, at which point they were attacked by a large number of Dementors. Tonks, battened on by four of them, is nearly kissed before McGonagall is able to get away and get her out of there. Tonks awakens later, feeling woozy, and senses someone else in the room with her, but he's gone when she wakes up.

(Note from Fern, re-reading the last part, it seems a bit uninspired, to say the least; any suggestions for revving it up a bit would be welcome.)

Table of Contents and Summary So Far

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