September 30th, 2005

Illustmaker me

Ah, that's better...

My roommie dropped by and it turned out that she didn't take the tub stopper. She just, for reasons I'm not clear on, took both of them down to the basement. She's taken everything she's taking, and I seem to have inherited stuff from previous roommates that isn't hers--a couple of wine glasses, a kitchen wastebasket (yay, don't need to buy that), and a painting of a fox hunt that no one for several roommates has wanted. Which I like in the weirdest way, so hey.

JKR has a new wizard of the month, and she's a romance writer! The author of the Enchanted Encounters series. Which is so going on Tonks's bookshelf in its entirety! I now know who wrote Hadria's Hope. :p